About us

EnablePoint, founded in 2001, is a full service software development and services company. In 2003, we developed our first False Alarm Billing (FAB) product which has since grown into a comprehensive full service alarm management and police inventory suite of products.


We provide alarm management software and processing services for municipalities and Law Enforcement. EnablePoint specializes in alarm registration and false alarm tracking software for municipal clients.


Online products include Online Alarm Registration System (OARS), Web Based False Alarm Billing (WEBFAB), and  recently a Weapons, Radio, Uniform, Training, Certifications and Performance Inventory Program for first responders (IP). EnablePoint continues to support and develop our desktop False Alarm Billing client server program, FAB.


EnablePoint's software products are used by our own staff, where we process false alarm incidents for our clients.  Police and/or Finance sends us the false alarm incident file, we process all false alarms, registrations, payments, and waivers approved and the alarm payments go direct to the client.


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False Alarm Information Tracking Software