About us

EnablePoint, founded in 2001, is a full service software development and services company serving municipalities, police and fire departments nationwide. 

In 2003, we developed our first False Alarm Billing (FAB) product which has since grown into a comprehensive full service alarm management and police inventory suite of products.  We provide alarm management software and processing services;  We have a software product as a result of 18 years of experience solving alarm management challenges, and our investment of research and development provides you with many options to solve your management challenges.  We can provide the people AND the software, or you can subscribe to our software as a service and manage your data yourself.    

In July of 2021 we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in business.  Over the last 20 years we have grown from the two of us,  our original founders Frank and Hilary, to an established team of data processors, support staff, and top level programmers.  Our focus remains on police and fire software solutions, and we do not have plans to change or sell.  Most of our competition has either been swallowed up by larger ‘all in one’ corporations, or parent companies outside of the United States. 

EnablePoint is 100% veteran owned,  and our entire staff are U.S. citizens.  We love our customers and our relationships with each and every one of them.   We focus on service, support, and quality of software over profit margin.   When you engage with our firm, we are in the relationship for the long term.  

Please visit any of the below areas of interest, and call or email our staff if you would like to see an online demonstration, or we can come out and meet you in your facility.    

Contact us by calling 734.268.6058

False Alarm Information Tracking Software